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Myers Machines Robotics Team Tryouts

Sixty students in Grades 3 and 4 showed up to try out for our FIRST LEGO League robotics team, Myers Machines. The students had five minutes to work with their team to build a marble run out of LEGO. Every group was successful and had so much fun with this challenge, which makes the task of whittling the team down to 15 students from each grade level extraordinarily difficult. Congratulations to all who tried out — we are so proud of you!

Heart Pillow by Lilly

I made a heart pillow, and it took a long time to finish it. I thought it would be bigger, but I forgot about the seams which take up about a half inch all the way around. At first, I started to hand sew it, but it took too long so I decided to use the sewing machine. I learned that sometimes, when you think something is easy, it's actually hard. This project taught me that I can do anything if I think about it and work hard.

My Sewing Project by Tina

My sewing project is an owl stuffed animal. I decided to make it when I was flipping through a
sewing book. First, I picked out my fabric. Then I worked on sewing its eyes -- the pupil and the iris -- together, and then I sewed them onto the body. After that, I picked out a floral pattern for the beak and sewed it on. Next, I sewed the wings together and finished them by stuffing them and whip stitching the opening. Then it was time to sew the body of the owl together so I could turn it right side out, stuff it and then whip stitch the opening. Last of all, I sewed the wings, feet and feathers onto my owl and voila -- I made a stuffed animal! Through making this project, I definitely learned to have patience because it took me twelve days to finish it. I also learned to use my creativity. I really like my stuffed owl. It's cute, and I worked hard on it -- and that's what matters most.